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Foot & Ankle Care

Every day, your ankles and feet are under a lot of pressure. When unexplained pain or limited range of motion in your feet or ankles is affecting your overall quality of life, the experienced team of board-certified specialists at Associated Orthopedists of Detroit PC can help. Their offices in St. Clair Shores and Shelby Township, Michigan, are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic technologies and treatment services to address sprains, fractures, or chronic disease, like arthritis. Call to learn more about your options for foot and ankle care or request an appointment online today.

Foot & Ankle Care Q & A

What foot and ankle care services are available?

Associated Orthopedists of Detroit PC offers a variety of on-site services for diagnosing and treating injuries and conditions affecting the foot and ankle. Whether you're experiencing unexplained pain or suffer direct trauma to the foot or ankle, you can receive comprehensive care to ensure you heal properly. The orthopedists offer the latest diagnostics and treatment services for conditions, like:

  • Arthritis
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Sprains and strains
  • Joint degeneration
You can also receive treatment for chronic pain from inflammatory conditions, like plantar fasciitis, a condition that affects the thick ligament that connects your heel to your toes.

How are foot and ankle conditions diagnosed?

If you're experiencing pain, swelling, or limited range of motion in your foot or ankle that rest and over-the-counter medications do not resolve, it's important that you schedule an evaluation at Associated Orthopedists of Detroit PC as soon as possible to prevent a worsening of your condition. During the evaluation, your Associated Orthopedists of Detroit PC doctor reviews your medical history, usual activities, and the severity of your symptoms. They closely examine your foot or ankle, identifying areas of swelling, tenderness, or bruising. To confirm a diagnosis and rule out underlying medical issues, you may need to undergo imaging tests, like an X-ray or CT scan. Once your doctor understands your condition, they create a custom treatment plan to alleviate pain and restore your foot and ankle health.

What treatments are available for foot or ankle conditions?

If you have a fracture in the bones of your foot or ankle or experience recurrent dislocations, your Associated Orthopedists of Detroit PC specialist may recommend a cast or brace to immobilize the bone and allow it to heal. In some cases, a fracture requires surgery to realign your bone to ensure it heals correctly during immobilization. When foot or ankle pain results from a soft tissue injury, you may find relief from pain and inflammation using ice or heat therapy. You can manage chronic arthritis pain in the joints of your foot or ankle with home care, physical therapy, and in serious cases, through joint replacement surgery. The Associated Orthopedists of Detroit PC medical team also offers joint injections to deliver anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medications directly to the affected joint. For degenerative conditions and joint disease, your Associated Orthopedists of Detroit PC specialist may combine your treatments with regenerative medicine therapies, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy. You can expect comprehensive care for your condition that focuses on immediate pain relief and protecting your mobility in the long-term. If you're struggling with persistent pain in your foot or ankle, don't delay an evaluation. You can call the Associated Orthopedists of Detroit PC office nearest you today or request a consultation online now.